Green and Gold Para Cord Bull Whip

Cracker Fall closeup shot showing detail

Cracker Fall closeup

transition knot
transition Knot from handle to fall







New Core for new line of ParaCore Bullwhips
Green n Gold 6 footer, easy to handle, easy to crack

I have up for auction this beautiful Green and Gold Nylon bull whip

This whip is shot loaded core, BB Core with an 8 inch Steel Handle
2 underbellys consisting of a 6 plait and 8 plait 12 plait overlay has a 6 plait 7 inch wrist strap

 Fancy plaiting on the handleThe heelknot is weighted with lead tape for perfect balance

 Seven x six pineapple heel knot For the transition knot a 5 x 4 2 pass
This whip is 6 feet long and has 23 inch nylon fall

the whip tapers on down to a thin 4 plait Cracks with ease

I have made whips professionally well over 8 years and have studied them then since 1998

 I now have 2 videos out about learning to plait and make knots which I am very proud of The 2 DVDs and  along with the whips I have listed up here on eBay

 This ClearCord

Special clear tubing for lightness of use specifically for this bullwhip which I have named the ClearCore method

 This bull whip is very accurate and the whip will come with one extra 21 inch nylon black fall, plus 3 extra crackers/poppers

This whip is my Newest line of whips. I am the only one who makes this Unique kind of whip


You are bidding on this UNIQUE Nylon Par-cord Bullwhip. She has one plaited belly with the most unique core. A Core that will stand up to any kind of weather; For the beginner or experience whip cracker!

 Shipping will be: 15$ by priority mail to the U.S.

$35 to Canada $45 everywhere else

Thank you! 

John of

direct link to eBay:


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